Ep. 218 Living Reef Memorials: Saving the Ocean One Funeral at a Time with Rob Sarnie and David Stubbers

Learn about an ecological alternative to traditional burial the supports the health of the ocean.


My guests Rob Sarnie and David Stubbers of Living Reef Memorial offer a unique and  “green” option for after-death disposition that rejuvenates the ocean habitat in the process. They will share with us how cremains are used to create living reefs that increase marine biodiversity and heal parts of the ocean where coral reefs have been destroyed. This is a fascinating example of using creativity to make the world a better place and offer alternative means of disposition at the same time. Learn more about this work at their website:


Listen here:


This episode includes:

  • How a living reef  rehabilitates marine habitat and increases biodiversity
  • How cremains are utilized in the building of a reef
  • How a living reef can be memorialized for a loved one
  • Options for holding a memorial service or funeral during the deployment of a reef
  • Who might choose a living reef for disposition of a loved one
  • Why a living reef memorial might be preferable to a full-body burial at sea or scattering of ashes
  • How to make arrangements now for your own living reef after you die
  • How profits from living reef memorials are being used to save baby sea turtles

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End of Life, EOLPodcast

Ep. 157 “Journey’s End”: Stories for Everyone About Death with Julie Saeger Nierenberg and Victoria Brewster

Learn about a helpful book of stories dealing with death, dying and the end of life and how you can contribute your own story to the next book in the series.





In this episode I present my conversation with the co-editors and co-curators of the book Journey’s End: Death, Dying, and the End of Life – Julie Saeger Nierenberg and Victoria Brewster

Learn more about the book at journeysendbooks.com


SpCare-AuthPresence-EoL-UnivThis episode is sponsored by Authentic Presence training for healthcare providers from the Spiritual Care Program.  You can receive a certificate in contemplative end-of-life care by completing this series of three courses, including an 8-day residential immersion retreat. Highly recommended!

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Today Julie Saeger Nierenberg and Victoria Brewster join me to talk about their book journeysendcoverJourney’s End: Death, Dying, and the End of Life, which is a compilation of quotes, stories and resources that look at death from various perspectives. In our conversation we discuss:

  • How Julie and Vikki ended up collaborating on this book
  • How the stories in the book are organized:
    • Personal Stories of Professionals and Lay People
    • Professional Support and Caregiving Perspectives
    • Funeral Home, Post-Death and Alternative Burial
    • Grief and Bereavement
  • How they chose the contributors for the book
  • The feedback they’ve received from readers
  • How this book of stories can be useful in many settings for both professionals and lay people
  • How to submit a story for the next book in the series which will feature various cultural, ethnic and religious perspectives on death and dying

Read more about the book here.

Get the book here!

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