Ep. 421 Caring for Veterans Through the End of Life with Dr. Qwynn Galloway-Salazar

Learn about a groundbreaking new educational series about end-of-life care for veterans and their loved ones.

My return guest this week is Dr. Qwynn Galloway-Salazar, an Army veteran, end-of-life doula, educator and the founder of In Their Honor, LLC, an organization dedicated to re-imagining end-of-life care for veterans and their families. Qwynn recently collaborated with PsychArmor Institute to launch Course 1 of the “Caring for Veterans Through the End of Life Series,” which provides online education for veterans, their loved ones, caregivers and healthcare providers around compassionate end-of-life care for veterans. She’ll discuss her own journey to realizing this goal and why this series is a game-changer. Learn more about Qwynn’s work and the course at these websites:



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This episode includes:

  • What inspired Qwynn to create this course
  • Her remarkable 2 year journey to realize this goal
  • Why some of the issues facing veterans at the end of life and unique and need to be recognized
  • Who can benefit from this free course
  • Why end-of-life education is important for veterans and their loved ones
  • Why healthcare providers in all specialties could use additional training in working with veterans in a compassionate manner
  • The importance of developing “compassionate communities” for everyone

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