Ep. 429 Debunking Myths About Hospice Care with Barbara Karnes RN

Learn how to bust through several common myths about hospice care that persist in our society.

My recurring guest Barbara Karnes RN is back again in this episode to talk about the myths that still persist in our society around hospice care. She shares her own journey of grief after the recent death of her dear husband and how our emotions can change our ability to see what may be right in front of us. We cover the most common myths we’ve encountered from our years of talking about hospice with the general public and what we can do to overcome them. Barbara is the author of the “little blue hospice book” Gone from My Sight and By Your Side: A Guide for Caring for the Dying at Home. Learn more at her website:


Listen here:

This episode includes:

  • How emotions can impact our experiences with hospice
  • Myths about hospice that involve medication management and fears of over-medicating pain
  • Myths that some doctors have about hospice including that it causes people to lose hope and that it’s only appropriate a few hours or days before death
  • Myths about what hospice is, where it is located and how care is provided and paid for
  • Why myths like these are harmful to patients
  • Why we need to get a clear message across about the benefits of hospice

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