Ep. 423 Writing as a Tool for Grief with Karen Wyatt MD and Larry George MD

Learn about an inspirational books of stories, poems, essays and reflections that teaches how to use writing during a time of grief.

In this episode I’m joined by my dear husband, Dr. Larry George who is a family physician (now retired) and an expert in Integral Medicine, an application of Ken Wilber’s Integral Model. We engage in a thoughtful discussion about how writing was an essential component of my personal grief journey and the newly published book Stories from the Dark Night, which is a compilation of varied types of writing that helped me survive during the long years of grief after my father’s suicide death. Learn more about the book:


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This episode includes:

  • Our shared experience of grief after my father’s suicide death
  • How I got started writing during my time of grief
  • How writing can benefit grief
  • Types of writing that are helpful
  • How writing transformed me and how my grief transformed my writing
  • How readers can benefit from this book

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