Ep. 425 Omega Homes: Community Homes for Dying People with Kelley Scott RN

Learn how social model hospice homes are changing communities and improving end-of-life care for everyone and how you can start one where you live.

My guest Kelley Scott has been caring for dying people throughout the 37 years of her nursing career. She is the founder and executive director of Clarehouse, a “social model” hospice home in Tulsa OK. Kelley also serves as the president of Omega Home Network and provides consulting and mentoring to aspiring social model hospices. She discusses the Omega Home model and how other communities can implement it to improve end-of-life care for everyone. Learn more at the websites:



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This episode includes:

  • What is a “social model hospice” or Omega Home
  • How Kelley first got interested in hospice and palliative care as a nurse
  • What inspired Kelley to found Clarehouse
  • Why Omega Homes are important to our communities
  • Advice for those who want to start an Omega Home in their community
  • Barriers to the Omega Home movement
  • How Omega Homes are funded

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