Ep. 426 “Dear Brandon”: A Legacy Letter to Change the World with Krystina Christiansen and Brenna Brooks

Hear a phenomenal and miraculous story about how a hospice patient’s “letter to the world” ended up actually traveling around the world and is now the subject of a documentary short film.

I have two guests this week joining me to talk about a documentary film that tells the story of a hospice patient named Brandon who wanted to leave a letter to share his love with the world. Brenna Brooks is the hospice social worker and trauma therapist from Sandy UT who helped Brandon write and share the letter that has now traveled around the world. Krystina Christiansen is a filmmaker from Los Angeles who found Brandon’s letter in Hawaii and was inspired to make a film about his story and the impact of his letter. You can learn more about the “Dear Brandon” film project and Krystina’s work at the websites below. Also follow posts about the letter and where it has traveled on Instagram:



Instagram – Forbrandonslove77

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This episode includes:

  • Brandon’s story and how he ended up writing the letter with Brenna’s help
  • How Brenna first shared the letter on a hiking trail in Utah
  • An excerpt from Brandon’s letter
  • How Krystina came to find Brandon’s letter in Hawaii
  • How Brandon’s letter spread around the world
  • What impact writing this letter had on Brandon’s end-of-life journey
  • What inspired Krystina to make a documentary about this story
  • Goals for the film and how to help support it

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