Ep. 413 Death in the E.R. and the Failures of Modern Medicine with Drew Remignanti MD

Learn about current issues in healthcare that are impacting the quality of care received at the end of life.

My guest Dr. Drew Remignanti is an emergency medicine physician who has lived with chronic illness since being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at the age of 19. He suffered a major stroke at the age of 38 that sidetracked his career for five years but inspired him to write the book The Healing Connection: A Partnership for Your Health, which explores how dollar-driven motives wield too much influence over our medical decisions, including at the end of life. To learn more about the book follow Dr. Remignanti on Facebook:

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This episode includes:

  • What happens when people show up at the ER without an advance directive
  • Why the default emergency care is “do everything”
  • What is “slow medicine” and how are current forces in the healthcare system working against it
  • Why patients and providers need to work together to make the changes we need
  • When people know and trust their physician they are far more likely to create an advance care plan for their health and follow it
  • Studies show it takes only 40 seconds of compassion in a medical encounter to make a significant difference
  • The “commoditization” of healthcare and the problems it causes
  • The US has an 88% rate of healthcare illiteracy, meaning people do not know how to acquire or apply information about their health

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Ep. 84 The One Washcloth Project with Rochelle Martin RN

Learn how 3 nurses started a simple project to help families traumatized by sudden, unexpected death in the E.R.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis episode will feature my interview with Rochelle Martin, an E.R. nurse who started the One Washcloth Project to help families care for their loved ones after an unexpected death in the E.R. You’ll be touched to hear how this simple gesture can change the experience of traumatic death for people in emergency settings.

Learn more at onewashcloth.org


Suicideblog_On April 10th  an 8-part series will begin on this podcast titled Suicide: Surviving the Aftermath. Each episode will focus on my own personal journey of healing after my father’s suicide death.

I will share my process of learning about my Dad and the factors in his life that led to his death, while also portraying the grief and guilt I suffered as a survivor of suicide. My goal is to share hope with those who are currently on this journey of grief.

For anyone who is currently experiencing a crisis and feeling hopeless the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides free and confidential support 24/7.

Call 1-800-273-8255 or Text HELLO to 741-741.

Click here to talk to someone now.

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Rochelle Martin RN, death midwife and emergency room nurse, and Dr. Wyatt discuss the One Washcloth Project, which Rochelle co-founded to offer compassion and support to families who have suffered an unexpected loss of a loved one in the emergency room. They will talk about the challenges for both staff and family members of coping with death in the ER setting.

In this interview you will learn:

  • how the One Washcloth Initiative hopes to help families say goodbye to loved ones who have died in healthcare settings
  • about the challenges facing ER staff as they deal with traumatic deaths
  • what changes are needed in the medical system to improve the care offered to dying patients and their families in the ER and hospital.

Rochelle Martin is a Registered Nurse with specialty certification in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. She holds a Master of Divinity degree from the University of Toronto, and has experience in emergency and acute psychiatry, palliative care, and spiritual care.

Recently certified as an End-of-Life and Home Funeral-Care Guide (Beyond Hospice, 2012), most of the families Rochelle supports are saying goodbye to loved ones immediately following unexpected, often traumatic deaths in ER. She considers it a great privilege to be with families in these raw, intense moments, when there is little to offer but compassionate presence.

Currently collaborating on a number of death midwifery-related projects, Rochelle is working to establish a Canadian national community of practice, has co-founded the One Washcloth initiative, and serves on the Education Committee of the National Home Funeral Alliance. Her local efforts include leading after-death care workshops for healthcare, religious, and community groups, and exploring a conservation burial partnership in Hamilton, Ontario.

Enjoy this special interview! Remember to tune in starting next week for the 8-part series Suicide: Surviving the Aftermath. Until then:

Face Your Fears.                    BE Ready.                  Love Your Life.