Ep. 416 Upstream Care for Veterans at End of Life with Lauren Grigsby and Wes Moldogo

Learn about an innovative ranch that provides a safe and healing space for veterans and how to help veterans prepare for end of life “upstream”, before it’s too late.

My guests this week are two veterans who now work with other veterans at end of life. Lauren Grigsby is the co-executive director at Central Oregon Veterans Ranch and is an end-of-life doula with The Peaceful Presence Project. Wes Moldogo is chaplain who serves in the Oregon Army National Guard’s 2-162 Infantry Regiment and works also as a hospice chaplain. Together Lauren and Wes discuss the Central Oregon Veterans Ranch and the concept of “upstream care” for veterans with spiritual pain. Learn more about the ranch at the website:


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This episode includes:

  • The inspiration behind the Central Oregon Veterans Ranch
  • Mental health issues and “soul injury” for veterans
  • How the COV Ranch provides dignity and purpose for veterans
  • How needs for veterans change at different life stages
  • What is “upstream care” for veterans (and others) and why is it needed
  • Creating safe space for veterans as they face the end of life
  • Why the military culture of strength may make hospice acceptance more difficult for veterans
  • Why the staff members of Veterans Ranch work on their own vulnerability first
  • The importance of “distress tolerance” in end-of-life work
  • The need for palliative care for unhoused veterans
  • How the Central Oregon area is a great example of community collaboration for veteran care
  • The 3 “spiritual pains” often seen in veterans
  • Upstream interventions to help veterans with spiritual pain

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