Ep. 290 How to Restore Joy After Loss: Tools and Strategies with Joy Lucinda

Learn how a hospice worker became a coach who teaches about joy to help navigate grief and loss.

My guest Joy Lucinda worked as a health care professional serving hospice patients, persons with dementia and their families for more than 20 years. She now does coaching and consulting to help others share their unique gifts with the world and navigate grief and loss. She discusses some of the simple tools she has found to help people experience joy even in the midst of loss and difficulty. She is the author of the book Restore Joy After Loss. Learn more about her work at her website:


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This episode includes:

  • Why Joy shifted from hospice work to consulting and coaching
  • The difficulty of experiencing joy in the midst of suffering
  • Why joy is always present if only we remember to look for it
  • Simple tools for shifting out of fear into a neutral state
  • The four “R’s” for getting through the pandemic, grief and chaos
    • Rest
    • Retreat
    • Rediscover
    • Restore
  • Why we need to use strong and positive words to help shift our emotional state
  • Embracing change by talking to your future self
  • The importance of surrender as we move forward in 2021

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