Love Over Fear: Stories for Precarious Times

This bonus series of brief stories has been designed to touch your heart and offer you comfort, joy, laughter, and inspiration as we face uncertain times together! Remember always to choose LOVE over fear!

Many of these stories and verses are contained in books I have written that are now available for purchase (or will be in the future!) If you enjoy the stories check out the books:

Click on the links below to listen to each story in the series:

Story 1 – It Takes All of Us

Story 2 – Love is the Purpose

Story 3 – Loving the Unlovable

Story 4 – Why Me?

Story 5 – The Power of Silence

Story 6 – Waiting for the Sun

Story 7 – The Angel Tree

Story 8 – Everything is Perfect

Story 9 – Every Life is Precious

Story 10 – What Life is Bringing Me Now

Story 11 – To Everything There is a Season

Story 12 – There’s Something Greater Than Us

Story 13 – These Tricky Roads of Grief

Story 14 – Connecting the Dots

Story 15 – You’re Already There