Ep. 303 Anam Cara: Soul Companion for the Dying with Judy Hilyard

Learn how a “soul companion” for the dying helps ease the fear of death.

My guest Judy Hilyard worked as an ICU nurse during her 47-year career and now serves as an Anam Cara, or “soul friend” to the dying. In addition she also fulfills the role of an Anam Aira by accompanying people through the process of death to “the other side of the Veil.” She shares her experiences and how this work helps free people from the fear of death and resolve their spiritual pain. Judy is the author of Soul Companion: A Memoir which chronicles her training and work on both sides of the veil. Learn more about her work at her website:


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This episode includes:

  • How Judy became an Anam Cara/Aira
  • What is the difference between an Anam Cara and an Anam Aira
  • The 4 Spiritual Pains of the dying according to Richard Groves
  • How Judy developed her skill in accompanying the dying
  • How a soul companion can help ease the fear of death
  • How Judy’s experiences showed her there is no hell
  • How this work has changed the way Judy lives her life
  • What to do if you feel inspired to become an Anam Cara

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