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Ep. 36: Tribute to Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Rev. Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund, hospice chaplain and spiritual counselor who authored the books The Last Adventure of Life: Sacred Resources for Living and Dying from a Hospice Counselor and The Most Important Day of Your Life: Are You Ready? Maria died tragically after being struck by a car while walking in a crosswalk.

Maria has been a beloved member of the end-of-life community and in this episode Dr. Wyatt shares her personal recollections of Maria, reads excerpts from Maria’s books and plays a clip from Maria’s interview for End-of-Life University in 2013. Whether or not you have met Maria in the past, you will become acquainted with her beautiful soul and enlightened spiritual wisdom through the messages in this episode.

Many blessings to all who love Maria and feel the pain of her absence in this physical plane. Maria left a beautiful legacy for each and every one of us that will continue to guide and inspire our work for the future.

Maria’s books are available on Amazon:

The Last Adventure of Life

The Most Important Day of Your Life

9 thoughts on “Ep. 36: Tribute to Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund”

  1. Thank you for this beautiful and cleansing piece. My daughter died September 1, 2015 and this is the beginning of my birth month celebration. It was as My “GirlMicLeslie” gave me a spiritual gift instead of her usual physical gifts. She received Hospice care after we removed her from the ventilator and lived 35 hours. This has helped me today!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I’m very touched to know that even in her own death Maria has provided comfort for someone else. Many blessings to you on this path.

  2. What a beautiful tribute! Thank you for letting those of us who had not met her, know her

  3. Thank you so much for this. I, as well, only knew Maria briefly, over 10 years. Your podcast has reminded me that when we fully ‘show up’ for our own lives then miracles happen. Thank you for reminding me of Maria’s concept of interconnects and her sensitivity which she gleaned from her Japanese heritage. We truly should not be afraid to die.

  4. I met Maria through a friend around 2012 and saw her a handful of times over the course of that year. She was really inspiring in her dedication to serving others and in her knowledge of healing modalities, hospice work and always being ‘on the move’ with all the things she did. I last spoke to her after her move to Sedona and I’m greatly saddened to find out of her passing just a couple days ago. May God continue to bless her family and all who loved the amazing Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund.Thank you for this tribute podcast that you did for her!

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