Ep. 363 Support for Hospice Nurses with Shelley Henry RN

Learn how this hospice nurse is supporting other nurses by providing employment that allows them to improve their work-life balance.

My guest Shelley Henry has been a registered nurse for over 30 years, with 20 of those years served in hospice. She is the creator of the popular Instagram channel For Hospice Nurses where she shares quick video tips from her many years of experience to make work a little easier for her colleagues. Shelley is also the founder of the Amity Group, which she started with the primary goal of bringing experienced hospice nurses back to the field while maintaining a fulfilling personal life. She discusses how her innovative company helps hospice nurses create the work life they desire while filling in the gaps for hospice companies. Learn more at her website:


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This episode includes:

  • Why Shelley was drawn to work in hospice
  • The rewards and challenges of being a hospice nurse
  • Why some hospice nurses leave the field
  • Shelley’s top tips for hospice nurses
  • The issues that hospice nurses are most concerned about now
  • How redundant documentation is causing stress and wasting precious time for hospice nurses
  • Why Shelley created Amity Staffing
  • How this model benefits nurses who still want to work in hospice but need more control over their schedule
  • How hospices are benefitting from having well-trained contract nurses available to fill in the gaps

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