Ep. 407 Navigating Your Parents’ Senior Years with Star Bradbury

Learn some great tips for helping your parents make challenging decisions about their senior years and end of life.

My guest Star Bradbury is an Aging Life Care Specialist and the CEO of Senior Living Strategies. She has helped thousands of families make educated and informed decisions as they navigate the world of senior living and senior healthcare. She is the author of Successfully Navigating Your Parents’ Senior Years: Critical Information to Maximize Their Independence and Make Sure They Get the Care They Need. She shares tips and advice for helping parents make plans for their elder years, including the end of life, and how this book is a resource for all of us regardless of our age. Learn more at her website:


Listen here:

This episode includes:

  • Why it’s important to maximize and prolong your parents’ independence
  • Tips for starting difficult conversations with your parents
  • Why confronting the need for change can get harder as we age
  • The benefits of “just in time” senior planning that takes place before a crisis occurs
  • How to navigate the world of senior living options and the best questions to ask when touring a senior care facility
  • Tips for being involved in your parents’ care when you don’t live nearby
  • Why aging in place may not be the best choice for every senior
  • Why “slow medicine” should be considered as part of our end-of-life planning

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