Ep. 325 Palliative Care: What’s Needed Now and in the Future with John Mulder MD

Learn how palliative care can meet the healthcare needs of the future.

My guest Dr. John Mulder is a pioneering member of the palliative care specialty. He currently serves as chief medical consultant for hospice and palliative car at Holland Home, the largest provider of elder care services in Michigan. He also serves as executive director for the Trillium Institute, which provides education for clinicians on managing serious and terminal illness. He discusses some of the challenges facing palliative care currently and in the future of this specialty. Learn more at this website:


Listen here:

This episode includes:

  • The differences between hospice and palliative care
  • Why the general public and physicians need to reframe their understanding of palliative care
  • Why the 6 months criteria for hospice admission often interferes with patients receiving care that they need
  • Should hospice and palliative care “rebrand” or “rename” in order to overcome stigmas
  • Why referring patients to palliative care could help physicians with burnout
  • How palliative care can improve patient outcomes and quality of life
  • How physicians can better educate their peers about palliative care and hospice
  • What changes will be needed to meet the rising demands of the aging baby boomer population
  • Why primary palliative care training will be essential in the future
  • The importance of attracting new talent to the speciality
  • How technology may evolve in the future to assist with referrals to palliative and hospice care
  • Dr. Mulder’s new podcast: Palliative Matters

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