Ep. 408 Soaring Spirits: Support for Widowed People with Michele Neff Hernandez

Learn about a valuable organization that provides peer support and resources for people grieving widowhood.

My guest Michele Neff Hernandez is the founder and CEO of Soaring Spirits International, a non-profit organization providing peer support programming for widowed people worldwide. Michele has received local, state, and national recognition for her work in founding Soaring Spirits. She is also the author of Different After You: Rediscovering Yourself and Healing After Grief or Trauma. She shares why it’s important for grieving people to be able to connect with others who have experienced a similar type of loss and how the programs offered by Soaring Spirits meet that need. Learn more at these websites:



Listen here:

This episode includes:

  • What inspired Michele to start Soaring Spirits
  • Why Soaring Spirits uses a broad definition of the word “widowed”
  • How widowhood may differ from other types of loss and grief
  • The timeframe of widowhood and how the needs of grieving people can vary at each juncture
  • Tips for those who are newly widowed
  • How grieving people benefit from being connected to others who have experienced similar losses
  • Programs Soaring Spirits has created to support people experiencing widowhood
  • Michele’s book and how it benefits readers

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