Ep. 288 PEACH: Palliative Education and Care for the Homeless with Dr. Naheed Dosani

Learn about an innovative program to provide end-of-life care to people living on the streets and in shelters in Toronto.

My guest Dr. Naheed Dosani is the founder of PEACH, a mobile outreach program that provides palliative care to the homeless on the streets and in the shelters of Toronto. His model led to the development of Journey Home Hospice, Toronto’s first hospice for the homeless, which opened in May 2018. He’ll share how and why he started PEACH and inspire all of us to be more aware of and active in dealing with the issues of homelessness and health inequities in our communities. Learn more about PEACH at this webpage:


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This episode includes:

  • What inspired Naheed to create a palliative care program for homeless people
  • How PEACH functions and provides care for patients on the streets and in shelters
  • Why there is a great need for palliative care for the homeless population
  • Health issues faced by homeless people and their shockingly low life expectancy
  • How to replicate PEACH in other cities and countries
  • Trauma-informed care and why it is needed for all patients, including those who are homeless
  • Why we need systemic change in medicine to provide more equitable care to all people
  • Dealing with grief, compassion fatigue and moral injury for healthcare providers
  • Why we’re facing a global pandemic of grief due to COVID-19

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