Ep. 373 Speaking Grief: On Divorce, Pet Death, and Other Losses with Lindsey Whissel Fenton

Learn about some educational webinars to help unique groups of people learn about grief and also why we need to pay attention to grief after all types of loss.

My guest Lindsey Whissel Fenton is a senior producer and director at WPSU, the PBS/NPR affiliate station in Central Pennsylvania. She produced, directed, and wrote the documentary Speaking Grief, which we discussed in our previous interview. Today Lindsey shares how Speaking Grief continues to educate about grief in new sectors and also talks personally about her own recent losses. Learn more at these websites:



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This episode includes:

  • How Speaking Grief continues to help people “get better at grief”
  • New webinars created by Speaking Grief initiative to reach service professionals, young grieving adults, neurodivergent grieving people, and underserved communities
  • Why it’s important to educate people about grief in all walks of life and all occupations
  • How to access the webinars at no charge
  • Lindsey’s personal journey with grief
  • Why grief over loss other than death is still grief
  • What to say to a friend after divorce
  • How pet death is often overlooked in our society though the grief it causes is significant
  • How grief-aware people do a much better job of supporting others in their grief
  • A new app to remind friends to check in with the grieving person they are supporting

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