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Ep. 230 SAGE: Meeting the Needs of LGBT Elders at End of Life with Tim Johnston

Learn how to provide culturally competent care to the LGBT community at the end of life.

My guest Tim Johnston is the Senior Director of National Projects at SAGE, a non-profit organization that advocates for LGBT community members as they face aging and the end of life. He will discuss the unique needs of the LGBT population at the end of life and explain how SAGE offers training and education for service providers, including hospice staffs, who want to provide appropriate care for LGBT patients. Learn more about SAGE:

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This episode includes:

  • Explanation of LGBT acronym
  • Unique stresses faced by LGBT individuals in later life
  • Challenges for LGBT community in receiving appropriate medical care
  • The importance of advance care planning for LGBT individuals to ensure that receive the care they want and are with the people they choose to be near at the end of life
  • Why we should be asking patients “Who are the most important people in your life?”
  • Special issues facing LGBT individuals with dementia
  • Caregiving challenges for the LGBT population
  • How to be an LGBT “ally” in your workplace
  • How to utilize SAGECare training in your organization
  • Agism as an issue within the LGBT community and resistance to end-of-life education

When surveyed, 9 out of 10 LGBT people feared discrimination in care settings if providers knew their sexual orientation or gender identity. website

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