Ep. 398 Spiritual and Emotional Healing of Serious Illness with Lesley Wirth

Learn about the importance of healing the emotions and the soul along with the body during serious illness.

My guest Lesley Wirth is a poet and writer who has a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology. She helps women experiencing a “dark night of the soul” by helping them deal with fear and spiritual and emotional pain, including after being diagnosed with serious illness. Lesley is the creator of the programs Poetry for Healing and The Power of Your Intuition. She discusses her work using poetry in workshops and also teaching how to access intuition. Learn more about her work at her website:


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This episode includes:

  • Lesley’s story of a “dark night of the soul”
  • How a diagnosis of serious illness can lead to an over-focus on the physical aspects of illness while leaving out the emotional and spiritual
  • Why healing requires more than just a physical approach
  • How to deal with fear and anxiety during difficult times
  • Why “positive psychology” may bypass the areas where deep healing is actually needed
  • How poetry can help with healing
  • Why medical providers could benefit from approaching illness as more than just a physical problem

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