Ep. 346 Settling Estate Issues After the Death of a Loved One with Matthew Van Drimmelen

Learn how common it is for people to have complicated financial issues to deal with after the death of a loved one and how this company can help.

My guest Matthew Van Drimmelen is the owner and founder of Full-Circle Aftercare, a company he created to help people deal with the stress and worry of settling estate issues after the death of a loved one. He shares some of the major issues families need help with after death and how they work with funeral homes and hospices to offer their services. Learn more at the website:


Listen here:

This episode includes:

  • How this company works with families to help them tie up loose ends
  • The “hidden surprises” families sometimes overlook when trying to settle an estate
  • How Matt’s staff does investigative work to help families sort out the financial, insurance, property, tax, investment, and retirement accounts of their loved ones
  • Why these services are necessary even when the family has an estate attorney
  • How the company creates step-by-step plans to help survivors get back on their feet after a death
  • Why it matters how and when you notify financial institutions about a loved one’s death
  • Why fraud protection may be necessary after a death occurs
  • The difference between power of attorney and executorship and why it matters
  • The challenges of settling estate issues faced by people who are grieving
  • Why helping people with these after-death issues is gratifying and helps prevent grief overload in this work
  • What we should be doing now to make things easier for our loved ones after we die

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