Ep. 321 Cycle of Lives: A 5,000-Mile Journey to Explore Cancer’s Emotional Chaos with David Richman

Learn how an endurance athlete cycled 5,000 miles and interviewed 15 people to gain greater understanding of cancer and the emotions it creates.

My guest David Richman is an author, public speaker, philanthropist and endurance athlete who completed a 5,000-mile bike ride and interviewed 15 people along the way whose lives had been touched by cancer. His book Cycle of Lives tells the story of that journey and delves into the emotional chaos that ensues after a cancer diagnosis for patients and their loved ones. He discusses his inspiration to take on this endurance event, how he survived the challenges, and what he learned throughout the ordeal. Learn more at his website:


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This episode includes:

  • What inspired David to take on the challenge of a 5,000-mile bike ride across the U.S.
  • How the ordeal of David’s bike ride adds to the depth and authenticity of the stories he shares in the book
  • Why cancer patients may struggle to share their emotions about cancer with others
  • What similarities David discovered in the life stories of the people he interviewed
  • How telling their stories benefitted the people David encountered on his journey
  • The most important lessons David learned from this journey, including the fact that we have no idea what other people are going through
  • How positive support efforts for cancer may actually discourage the expression of the full range of emotions
  • How David practiced deep and non-judgmental listening to encourage people to share their stories
  • The value of not knowing all the answers and meeting people where they are on a human level
  • The experience of isolation that seems to accompany a cancer diagnosis, trauma, and end-of-life issues
  • In the end, all that really mattered to people dealing with cancer was the connections they were able to make with other people

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