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Ep. 270 Sustainable Business Skills for the Death-Positive Movement with Kimberly King Wise

Learn why workers in the end-of-life field can benefit from basic business skills whether they practice in a volunteer or for-profit model.

My guest Kimberly King Wise is a certified End-of-Life Doula and Home Funeral Guide and also has years of experience as a business manager and virtual assistant. She discusses how business knowledge and skills can help us create viable work in the end-of-life arena that will enable us to help more people and change our communities. We’ll learn how she can help us get our endeavors off the ground and lessen our stress levels as we navigate the business aspect of end-of-life care. Learn more about her work:


Listen here:

This episode includes:

  • The challenge of charging money in exchange for sacred work
  • The mindset shift from being an employee to being an entrepreneur
  • Why creating a death-positive business is especially difficult in our death-phobic society
  • The one skill death doulas most need to learn in order to grow their referrals and help more people
  • How to work your way out of your paid job gradually rather than making a sudden career change
  • The importance of the Know-Like-Trust factor in educating our communities about death-positive work
  • Why we need long-term thinking in the death-positive movement rather than short-term
  • How “death’s big tent” has plenty of room for every model of care and service in our field so we need to accept and encourage one another

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