Ep. 427 “The Natural Funeral” – Options for Disposition After Death with Seth Viddal

Learn everything you need to know about various options for after-death care so you can make an informed choice for yourself or a loved one.

My guest Seth Viddal is the Chief Executive Officer of The Natural Funeral, a trailblazing funeral home that stands as Colorado’s premier holistic and ecological funeral provider. Seth discusses in depth the various options that are currently available for disposition after death and shares some of the innovative and cutting-edge methods that are being developed at The Natural Funeral. Learn more at the website:


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This episode includes:

  • How Seth was inspired to start working in funeral and disposition services
  • Why Seth uses the term “conventional burial” rather than “traditional”
  • Conventional burial is the most common but also the fastest declining preference of people choosing disposition options
  • What are “green burial” options and how they differ from conventional burial
  • How to encourage local cemeteries to allow natural burial
  • How flame cremation remains popular though it is not considered “green”
  • The advantages of “water cremation”, also known as alkaline hydrolysis
  • What is terramation and where is it available and legal at this time
  • What is Reverent Body Care as offered by The Natural Funeral and how it benefits families

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